Article 1

Ing. Peter Andrišin: TCO Methodology – Total Cost of Ownership. When is 1 more than 2…

Statement 1 is not less than 2 does not apply in mathematics, but very often applies in finance, special attention must be paid to purchasing. If I were to choose any area of business in which I can say 1> 2, I would annoy one of my friends or acquaintances. A publicly available example of the purchase of CT devices in Žilina “annoyed” only by the MP Smer-SD Blanár and his supporters. According to him, the price for the device is € 2,272,000 LOWER than the price of € 1,447,000.10 for an identical device! In millions 2 <1 (implication 1> 2).

(Act No. 343/2015 Coll. On Public Procurement §44 para. 3: Tenders are evaluated on the basis of: a) the best price-quality ratio [Author’s note: even as a supporter of a given political party, I cannot defend the loss of more than 800 thousand € this paragraph], b) costs using a cost-effectiveness approach, in particular life-cycle costs, or c) the lowest price [Author’s note: I cannot defend this paragraph minus € 800,000 at all. But politicians can do the impossible…])